Blur Recordings & Voice

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This brief guide will provide instructions on how to anonymize your research recordings. This feature  available for Project Owners, editors and collaborators applies to Live Interviews and Off-Platform Research.


Discuss allows Researchers to enable anonymization for:


Anonymizing the Recording After the Completed Interview

Forgot to set your anonymization settings for your project and now your recordings and Off-Platform Research are not blurred? 

  1. Login to your Discuss account and select your desired project
  2. From the project overview tab,  click the settings icon 
  3. Select the Blur Interview Recordings optionmceclip1.png
  4. Now head to the 'Insights' tab, and click the 'Recordings' tab.
  5. Choose the past Interview Recordings or Off-Platform Research you would like to anonymize from the left-hand panel
  6. Click on Tools and Downloads on the top right of the tab
  7. Click on Blur this recordings and clipsblur_clips.png
  8. Click 'Confirm' in acknowledgment that once that interview is blurred, it cannot be undone.



NOTE: If the recording is long, It takes a few minutes to generate the blurred recording. You can give it a few minutes refresh your recordings page and play the recording again.


TOP TIP: Make sure to unclick the 'Anonymize Recordings' setting if you do not need recordings outside of the ones you needed to go back and anonymized. Leaving the setting on will ensure all future recordings will be anonymized in real-time and cannot be undone.

Stimuli will be blurred. However, Whiteboard snapshots will not be blurred in the recording.



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