Privacy and Security - Respondent Privacy and PII

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This section will provide information and indications regarding behavior around Personal Identifiable Information, as well as some mechanisms to ensure the confidentiality of respondents.


Privacy and Security - Respondent Privacy and PII

Discuss respects the right to privacy of all users. In order to safeguard respondents, our live support agents should not act as moderators or recruiters and will not be allowed to vet or further screen respondents that join the interview. If a session is anonymized it is reasonable for support to assume that they cannot ask for or divulge first or surnames. Support is allowed to ask respondents if they have the necessary tools such as pen and paper, a product they have used, or any other needed objects that must be shown or used during the interview.

Support agents are also not at liberty to give out any personally identifiable information nor are they allowed to ask for sensitive personal data that includes, but is not limited to, direct identifiers or quasi-identifiers, such as:

  • First or full name
  • Race or ethnic origin
  • Gender
  • Religion
  • Geographical indicators
  • Biological indicators
  • Age or date of birth
  • Personal identification numbers like social security, driver's license, passport, taxpayer IDs
  • Employment/business/income information
  • Marital or parental status
  • Union memberships
  • Education information
  • Contact information
  • Financial information
  • Health or medical information
  • Asset information such as IP and MAC addresses

If you need more information about your respondents:

  • Moderators should ask the respondents directly so they can consent to giving their personal information, either in the discussion introduction or via a private chat
  • DIY clients (managing your own project) should reach out directly to their recruitment team
  • Full Service clients can reach out to their Project Manager or screener information
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