October 2022 Product Release Notes

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This article summarizes updates and enhancements our product team has released this month. We will also outline our exciting news about features that are coming soon


New Features!

Privacy Features

For researchers in highly-regulated industries like Healthcare or Pharma, you can now customize your privacy settings to match your project needs. From anonymizing the meeting room to blurring recordings to audio-only interviews, our platform provides you control of your data privacy and security. Giving respondents the freedom to speak honestly while upholding your privacy guidelines.


Limit Access to PII: 

  • Project Owners, Editors & Collaborators will only be able to see the personal identifying information or PII (email and phone numbers) of respondents they personally add to the Respondent Hub

  • Respondent information added by the recruiter is only visible to the recruiter

Blur Recordings: 

  • Post-interview recordings will be saved with a permanent blur over the entire video

  • This action can’t be undone once selected

To learn more, click here.


Use Pseudonyms: 

  • Replace participant and moderator names with automatically assigned pseudonyms (e.g. Moderator #1, Panelist #1, Panelist #2, etc.)

  • Impacts the meeting room, post-session recording, and session participant list

To learn more, click here.


Audio-Only Interviews: 

  • Disable video feeds for everyone in the meeting rooms

  • Audio-only tech check

To learn more, click here.


Restrict Observer Audio: 

  • When a simultaneous translator is used, observers will ONLY hear the translated audio (e.g. NOT the native audio of respondents)

To learn more, click here.


Hide Tech Check Videos: 

  • Hide respondent tech check videos from observers in the meeting room


New Beta Feature! Self Captures & Live Conversations - UPDATE!

Self Captures are now part of your Live Projects. As a Discuss customer, you have early access to this new feature for all your upcoming DIY projects that do not have services provided by Discuss. 

We listened to your feedback on this beta, and have implemented the ability to Send Reminders to respondents who have started surveys but have yet to complete them. To learn more on how to do it from the Respondent Hub or through the Self Captures Responses by Respondent view, click here.


Best Practices

The way your project starts on Discuss is a critical part of how your experience will go for you, your team, and those invited to the platform on your behalf. Below are some key processes you can set in place before diving into your interviews, to help you make sure you are set:

  • Project Settings

    • Checking your project settings is one of the first actions your and your team will want to do before scheduling your interviews or managing respondents in the project. Now with our updated project settings view, you will be able to quickly decide what settings will be right for you. All settings are editable throughout the life of the project.

  • Personal Meeting Room

    • Testing how your upcoming sessions will work for the moderator, respondents, translator (if applicable), and observers is a vital part of making sure your teams are all set to show up and watch the sessions.

  • Tech Checks

    • Tech checks before your sessions are another great way to ensure your session will go smoothly. If your respondents have a poor connection or device issues ahead of the session, this gives your team or the recruiter(s) an opportunity to troubleshoot before the actual interview.


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