Downloading Self Captures Submissions

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This article summarizes the process of downloading Self Capture submissions. Each Self Captures qualitative survey that gets any submission will be able to download all of those submissions. Only the role that chooses to download the responses at that time will receive the download. Project members can download survey responses multiple times and at any time in the life of the project.


What roles can download Self Capture survey submissions?

  • Project Owners
  • Editors
  • Collaborators
  • Omni-recruiters
  • Recruiters (only able to download the PII they own)


How does the PII setting work with Self Capture submissions?

If the 'Limit PII' setting is enabled, Project Owner, Editors, and Collaborators roles will only be able to download the PII they own (any respondent information they input).


To learn more about the 'Limit PII' setting, click here.


Downloading the Self Captures submissions


Head to the 'Self Captures' tab under the 'Respondents' section of the project.



Find the survey you want to download the responses from and then click the menu dropdown in the upper right.



Click 'Zip & Download Responses'.



A message will display that will explain the zip folder of all the files will be sent to the requester. Once the requester reviews the dialog, they should click 'Generate Files'.



An email will appear in the requester's box shortly after with an option to download all the files. 



The zip folder will include folder broken out by task.



Within the task folders the different types of tasks by respondent will include:


Video submissions -

  • video (.mp4)
  • optional comments (text document)
  • video transcript (.doc)

Photo submissions -

  • photo (.png & .jpeg) - up to 5 by the same respondent
  • optional comments (text document) - up to 5 by the same respondent


Text submissions -

  • text (text document)

Document submissions -

  • document (.pdf, .pptx)
  • optional comments (text document)


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