November 2022 Product Release Notes

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This article summarizes updates and enhancements our product team has released this month. We will also outline our exciting news about features that are coming soon


Respondent Hub Notify & Invite Filtering

Quickly find the right respondents you want to correspond with our new ‘Notify & Invite’ filtering for consent forms, self captures surveys, tech check requests, and interview invites. Narrow down to show:

  • Tech check completion status

  • Interview assignments

  • Favorite respondents (for Self Captures to Live interviews)

  • Self-capture survey status (for Self Captures to Live interviews)

For example, filter down to those who have only completed their tech checks to invite to a live interview.


Respondent Hub Exports

Now you can easily export your respondent data. Go to Respondents > Respondent Hub > Export Data Button

Session Respondents - Export the data for all your respondents that have been scheduled for an interview including unique links.

All of your Respondents - Export all of your respondent data from Add/Edit including all unique links for all Live Interviews & Self Captures

For more information, click here.


Beta Updates

New updates for the Self Captures Beta experience

Based on your feedback you can now easily download all your Self Capture responses from a survey. Downloads include all task types (video, photo, text, and document responses) along with any additional commentary and video transcripts that might be included with the responses.

To learn more, click here.


Coming Soon!

We are excited to share that at the beginning of the new year we will be releasing some new enhancements to our transcript and highlight reel capabilities to help improve your workflow and quality of insights. These updates will include:

Transcript enhancements for a better, more flexible reporting experience.

  • Auto-Scrolling - Follow along with machine transcription better to get to the right moments faster

  • Speaker ID - Easily determine who is speaking in machine and human transcription

  • Transcript Roles - Distinguish between speakers roles as respondents, moderators, and when applicable, translators

  • Whiteboard Transcript Identification - See who and where whiteboard mark-ups happened

  • Editable Discussion Guide Placement - Move the placement of your discussion guide to match the respondent’s answers in the transcripts

  • Additional Download Options - Access highlight reels and clip transcripts together in one report

  • Stimuli Notation - See the moments when stimuli are shared within the transcripts


Highlight reel updates to give you more video editing capabilities.

  • Recutting Reels - Edit and republish highlight reels that you have already created

  • Highlight Reel Images - Upload your own images, Self Capture image uploads, Whiteboard snapshots, and poll insight aggregates to your highlight reel

  • About Me Section - Add an ‘About Me’ section to the highlight reel and the highlight reel viewer page

  • Transitions - Include transitions between clips and images in your highlight reel

  • Embeddable Links - Add links to presentations or other important documents to your highlight reel

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