Auto-Scrolling the Transcript with Video Player

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This brief guide will provide instructions on how to use auto-scrolling of the transcript. This feature is beneficial in helping you follow along with the conversation that took place, and also allows a user to be able to edit the transcript based on what was actually said in the recording, to help the insights team achieve a more accurate machine transcription. Project owners, editors, collaborators, and viewers can use this feature.


The auto-scrolling of the transcript setting can be enabled to help you read along with the full-length video recording on the recordings page. Auto-scrolling the transcript will archive a set on an archive-by-archive basis, and you will need to set it according to your needs when reviewing each recording and transcript in the project.


How to Enable Auto-Scrolling of the Transcript

Head to the 'Recordings' tab in the 'Insights' section of your project.

Select your desired recording and navigate to the "Auto-Scroll" slider


image example of auto-scroll turned on



How to Disable the Auto-Scroll Transcript

Disable the auto-scroll toggle by clicking the slider to the left


image example of auto-scrolling the transcript turned off 


***Note: Editing the machine transcript at any point will disable auto-scrolling. You will need to manually re-enable the toggle to ensure it continues to follow along with the recording.

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