How to Disable Session Recordings in Your Project

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Discover enhanced privacy in your project by quickly disabling session recordings. As a project owner, editor, or collaborator, access settings, locate recording options, and toggle off for added confidentiality. This prevents any inadvertent disclosure of the respondent's Personally Identifiable Information outside the meeting room. Enjoy the flexibility to enable or disable recordings at any project stage, effortlessly adapting to evolving needs. Take control of privacy dynamics in your research with this streamlined guide.

Note: If Live Support is enabled on a project, this setting allows the recording to not take place, but still gives access to call a live support agent during the session for any technical needs.

How to Disable Session Recordings For All Interviews

  1. From the project dashboard, navigate to the settings icon located on the top right of your page
  2. Locate "Privacy & Security Settings", and click inside the checkbox to disable the "Disable Recording" feature.
  3. Decide if this setting should apply to all upcoming sessions that have not been scheduled yet or if it should apply to all upcoming sessions (both already scheduled sessions and unscheduled future sessions in the project). Then click 'Confirm'.

How to Disable Recordings on an Interview by Interview Basis

To overwrite the project-level settings on a specific session you can edit the preference in the interview settings. 

  1. Navigate to your project dashboard and click on the Interview 
  2. Click additional settings
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the Interview Setting and rick or untick the "Disable Recording" to meet your needs
  4. Click save








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