Managing Self Captures As A Recruiter

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These are instructions to hep recruiters use the Respondent Hub to manage Self Captures. The Respondent Hub can be used to add/edit recruits information, send notification and invitation including Self Captures as well as follow updates and Self Captures Insights.


When managing self captures, recruiters are responsible for : 

- Adding/Editing Respondent Information

- Sending Notification & Invitation including Self Captures Surveys

- Following Self Captures Updates & View Responses


Step 1 :  Add your Respondent Information in the Respondent Hub 

This section can be done through the add/edit button of the Respondent Hub tab. Log in to your Dashboard to access your Project and click on the Respondent tab. 


Step 2 :  Send the Self Captures Link & Self Captures Reminder to your Respondents 

This section can be done through the notify/invite button of the Respondent Hub. All notifications are sent from and you can copy yourself in the communication. 



*Optional :  By clicking on the  Self Captures tab and View all Responses, you can easily send a Self Captures reminder to your respondents. This option will appear in the view by respondent modal and will also be availibe for respondent who didn't complete their surveys. 



*Optional : If the Discuss Project Manager has enabled collect interest in the Survey Settings, your candidate will be prompted to share their interest to a live interview once they complete their survey. 




*Optional : If candidate availibility collection is enabled in your Project Settings, your candidate will then be prompted to select their preferred availiblities from your Schedule Interviews. This step will facilitate scheduling of respondents and will then redirect your respondent to complete their Automatic Tech Check in order to ensure suitable devices and internet connection for the live interview. 




Step 3 : Review Self Captures Responses


*Optional: Request a Task Redo

Step 4 : Send a Tech Check Request to your Respondents and Review Status

** Note that the Tech Check Step isn't needed, if you have enabled candidate availibility collection and collect interview in your survey settings **



Optional : Troubleshooting Tech Check


Step 5 : Send an Interview Invite to your Respondents



Optional : To make scheduling easier, the view responses by respondent modal will also allow you to send interview invites and further more : 

See your Respondent Selected Dates  and review their Tech Check Video 




Step 6 : Respondent Experience when joining their Live Interview



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