January 2023 Product Release Notes

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This month's article announces updates and enhancements to the viewer role, view can now moderate sessions they will be able to join the meeting room as a moderator allowing access to all the live meeting room inside functionalities. We will also cover exciting news about features that are coming soon improvements will be brought to highlight reels, enabling the creation of presentation-ready reels with additional content. Moreover, automatic speaker identification will be available for recorded live interview transcripts, including role identifiers and whiteboard colors for up to five speakers.


Updates & Enhancements

Viewer Role Updates

Viewers can now moderate sessions!

In addition to accessing the insights (recordings, highlight reels, and self captures), a Viewer can act as a moderator and access all the functionality the meeting room has to offer. 

Simply invite the viewer through our application or share a moderator link.

Note: Viewers will not have access to project setup. Stimulus, polls, and discussion guides will need to be pre-loaded for the Viewer should they need to use them in the session. They also will never have access to any respondent’s PII.

To learn more about the viewer's role as a moderator, click here.

Coming Soon

Highlight Reel Enhancements

Create presentation-ready highlight reels for stakeholders and clients, with the addition of images, documents, and transitions, using all of your gathered project insights from Self Captures and Live conversations. Additionally, you will be able to add outside slides and other content to help convey your final story.

Machine Transcript Speaker Identification for IDIs, Dyads, Triads

Enjoy automatic speaker identification for up to five speaker streams in your recorded live interview transcripts (including the moderator, translators, and live support), along with the role identifier icon and their whiteboard color in the session.

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