Preview Self Captures Activities

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This brief guide will provide instruction on how to preview your activities before sending them to your pool of candidates.  With the preview option, you can see your Self Captures activity from a Desktop perspective or from a Mobile perspective. 


How to Preview Self Captures Activity

Once your Self Captures activities are set, you can easily preview the respondent experience by heading to the Self Captures Tab.

On the top right of the activity card, clicking on the 3 dots will open a menu with the Preview option. Click on Preview Activity.



From this preview modal, you can select if you want to view your activity from a Mobile or a Desktop view.




From there, you can easily verify each task. As this is a Preview Only modal, activity responses will not be saved.


All Tasks vs Single Tasks Layout

In the Activity Settings, users will select the layout of the activity/survey.


All Tasks will allow your respondents to see all tasks and decide which one they which to submit first. 


Single Tasks will allow your respondents to only see one tasks at a time. Once response is submittted, they can click on next tasks, to view the next one. This can help eliminate bias as respondent won't be able to change their previous answers. 





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