February 2023 Product Release Notes

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This month's article introduces exciting updates and enhancements, we will cover the improvements to Highlight Reels and automatic speaker identification in recorded live interview transcripts.  We will also cover news about upcoming enhancements to self-captures and user management with in-app reporting capabilities.

Updates & Enhancements

Highlight Reel Enhancements

Instantly create video reports for your stakeholders with new enhancements that allow you to collect, create, and analyze your insights all within one platform. Using these recent updates, you can:

  • Create report-ready videos with the ability to upload images and documents and add transitions between your clips and images

  • Deliver multi-method insights by combining your findings from Self Captured activities and Live Conversations

  • Democratize your video findings with the ability to embed your video directly into your PowerPoint presentations.

To learn more about how to start taking advantage of Highlight Reels in your reporting, click here.



Machine Transcript Speaker Identification for IDIs, Dyads, Triads

Enjoy automatic speaker identification for up to five speaker streams in your recorded live interview transcripts (including the moderator, translators, and live support), along with the role identifier icon and their whiteboard color in the session.


Best Practices

Customizable Privacy

From anonymizing the meeting room to blurring recordings to audio-only interviews, our platform provides you control of your data privacy and security. When you need an additional layer of privacy, consider taking advantage of these settings:

  • Limit access to PII for highly secure projects where identifiable information needs to be hidden

  • Blur recordings when conducting research in countries like Germany to stay in compliance with local privacy laws

  • Use pseudonyms to maintain anonymity among participants and protect their personal information —giving respondents the freedom to speak honestly

  • Conduct audio-only interviews for secure studies that do not allow for video to be captured or recorded


Coming Soon

Self Captures Enhancements

Stay tuned for more Self Captures enhancements in the coming months, including automated machine translation and recruitment.

User Management

Get visibility to your organization’s users with in-app reporting capabilities.

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