How to Download or Share Interview Recordings, Clips & Highlight Reels

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Interview recordings are a critical source of data for Market Researchers. Discuss allows you to easily access your Recordings by logging in to your Discuss Account. In general, video recordings are stored for a period of three years unless you have a shorter purging time ( view Security Policy at Discuss

Interview recordings help to identify nuances in tone, inflection, and body language that may not be apparent in a written transcript. This information can be used to gain a deeper understanding of the respondent's attitudes, behaviors, and perceptions.

Interview recordings also play an important role in researcher training and sharing findings with colleagues, clients, or stakeholders who were not present during the interviews. 



Please be aware that if you decide to share recordings, the user will not be able to download the video. The sharing link is a view-only link that grants access to the video, name of the recordings, transcript, sentiment analysis and tags for a duration of 30 days. This is an efficient solution for quickly sharing your recently gathered insights with colleagues, clients, or stakeholders. 





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