Genie for Interview Summaries, Themes, Quotes and Recaps

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Genie, Discuss’ GenAI assistant empowers research teams worldwide to capture multi-language insights in seconds. This brief guide will provide instructions on how Researchers can take advantage of Discuss Gen AI assistant for Live Research and Off-Platform Research. 


  • Coming this summer, Genie will support 10 languages across 100+ countries to deliver recaps, summaries, and themes in English.
  • Project owners, editors and collaborators can view and use Genie AI. Refer to the Project Level Permissions article for more details on permissions.
  • The Genie summary feature need to be activated at an organization or project level. Learn more here.


Genie Recap 

Genie automatically generates recaps alongside the transcript of each session on the Recordings page. This applies to Discuss Interviews as well as Off-Platform Research. 

To access Interview Recap

  1. Login to your Discuss account & select your desired project
  2. Click on the Insights tab, then Recordings
  3. Locate your desired Interview from the left-hand panel
  4. Click on the Recap tab, located on the right side of your interview recording.
  5. View or Copy your Genie Recap by using the copy button.



Genie Summaries

For sessions in our supported languages, you will be able to summarize up to 35 transcripts and review a summary, themes and quotes that are returned in English.

To create Summaries for your Interviews

  1. Login to your Discuss account and select your desired project
  2. Click on the Insights tab, then Summary
    • Alternatively, access Summaries from the right-hand panel in your project overview page
  3. Input the "Summary Focus", which should detail the essence of your project. 
  4. Select which session or sessions to generate the summary for
  5. Click the Summarize Transcripts button

  • Keep in mind that any recordings from the Personal Meeting Room will not be included in the summary generation process.


Summary Focus

The summary focus should include details about your project it serves as a guiding beacon for Genie. It incorporates pivotal details about the project, thus instructing Genie on what to prioritize when making transcripts into summaries.

Picture a lengthy transcript from a focus group discussing a new product. If you're mainly interested in the challenges and recommendations, specifying this in the Summary Focus will ensure your summary is tailored to that theme.

Summary Example and Best Practices

  • To optimize results, frame your Summary Focus to complete the statement: “My summary should focus on ... ”


To give you a clearer understanding, let's delve into some practical scenarios:

  • Food Delivery App Study: “My summary should focus on opinions and preferences for food delivery apps.”
  • Ad Campaign Analysis for XYZ Brand: “My summary should focus on reactions to different messages in the ad campaign.”
  • Product Feedback for ABC Brand: “My summary should focus on challenges encountered with the product and recommendations for enhancing the user experience.”


Brevity is Key - it might be tempting to list out everything, but it's vital to keep your focus concise. This clarity ensures that Genie remains on point.

Inclusivity -  Your focus can touch upon several elements. You might, for example, want your summary to consider both preferences and challenges.

Steer Clear of Segment Overload -  It's best not to include segment information unless it's a significant part of your transcript.

By clearly communicating what's crucial in a transcript, you can now harness Genie's power more effectively, obtaining summaries that resonate with your specific goals.


Edit Summary Focus

You can input a different summary focus by using the 'Edit' button located next to your Summary Focus in the top right corner of your page.

  1. Once you click the button, the Summary Focus input box will become editable.
  2. Here, you can adjust, refine, or completely change your focus as per your project's needs.
  3. Type in the new summary focus and hit the 'save' button
  4. Select the sessions you want to re-summarize
  5. Click 'Summarize Transcripts'.


Summary Output

When a GenAI summary is generated, project owners, editors & collaborators have the ability to:

  1. Rename the Summary.
  2. Download the Summary and Quotes
  3. View Summary
  4. View Key Themes and Quotes
  5. View used transcripts


  • You can take advantage of your Gen AI by adding summary quotes to highlight reels or generating clips from relevant themes provided by Genie. 
  • Deleting a session recording will delete all related summaries to that session. 


Genie Global Coverage

Language Currently Supported

The functionality supports both sessions conducted entirely in those languages and sessions that involved a simultaneous translator and were subsequently translated into English.

  • English
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • French
  • Dutch
  • Italian
  • Mandarin
  • Japanese
  • Polish

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Data Privacy for Genie

Click here to learn about Data Privacy for Genie Summaries.


Genie for Off-Platform Research

To Summarize Off-Platform Research, simply :

  1. Upload Off-Platform Research
  2. Follow the instructions provided above
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