Meeting Room Function For Respondents

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The online platform used for conducting research has a significant impact on the reach, convenience,  participant anonymity, data collection, analysis, technical considerations, and ethical aspects of your research. Choosing the right platform is crucial for maximizing participant engagement, data quality, and overall research outcomes.

With Discuss  diverse aspects are met: 

Reach and accessibility

Researchers can engage with participants from different locations, allowing for a more diverse and global sample and eliminating geographical barriers. The Discuss Live Meeting Room is user-friendly & mobile-friendly. 

Anonymity and openness

Discuss can provide a certain level of anonymity to participants, which may encourage more honest and open responses. Participants may feel more comfortable sharing sensitive or personal information when privacy & security settings are enabled. The Discuss Live Meeting Room allows audio-only Interviews, Pseudonyms, Interview Recordings Blur & Recordings can be disabled. 

Data collection and analysis

Discuss offer various tools and features for data collection, such as surveys, polls, and chat functionalities. These features streamline the data collection process, making it easier to capture and organize participant responses.


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