April & May 2023 Release Notes

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This month's article announces exciting new features and enhancements. Introducing Genie Summaries Beta, Discuss' generative AI assistant, which helps the delivery of high-quality qual research, generating project-level composite summaries and instant session summaries. Additional enhancements include automatic speaker identification, machine translation for global insights in Self Captures, and the ability to review screener info while analyzing findings. The User Management dashboard, available for unlimited subscription customers, provides better visibility and seat management capabilities. In the article, we will also offer best practices to optimize qualitative research. Finally, we will announce upcoming enhancements to  Self Captures.

New Features!

Genie Summaries Beta

Deliver insights in a click and turn weeks of effort into minutes with Discuss' generative AI assistant, Genie. Genie Summaries helps to deliver the highest-quality qual research ever with:

  • Project-level composite summaries: Generate a one-click summary across all video sessions or a select few to pick up on key trends and moments. Download your summarizations for further analysis.
  • Instant session summaries: Review a summary of each video conversation alongside your video recording and machine transcript.


Machine Transcript Speaker Identification for Groups of 6

Enjoy automatic speaker identification for up to eight speaker streams in your recorded live interview transcripts (including the moderator, translators, and live support), along with the role identifier icon and their whiteboard color in the session.

Self Captures Translation

Scale qualitative research across the world using machine translation to convert global insights to English in seconds. In addition to Self Capture video uploads, you can now see photo and text responses in non-English feedback in English. 

To learn more, click here.

Self Captures Screener Info

Quickly reference respondent profiles while reviewing Self Capture findings to give you more context on the participant as you review and analyze your insights.

User Management

*For unlimited subscription customers only

The User Management dashboard gives you visibility into your organization’s users. In addition to adding and viewing users, the in-app reporting can now help you better manage your seats with the ability to delete users. 

If interested in an Unlimited Subscription, connect with your account manager.

To learn more, click here.

Best Practices

Great qualitative research starts with an even greater framework

The first step to speeding your time to insights is to design your research with the end in mind. Prior to your session, use tools that allow you to structure your conversations, collaborate with key stakeholders and uncover themes.

Discussion Guide: Bringing your discussion guide into Discuss not only helps you stay on track during your live conversations but also sets you up for success. When scrolling through your machine transcript, you can see when questions were asked and can move the location of the annotation to help improve the readability of your sessions.

Key Takeaways: Hearing your stakeholders’ reactions and thoughts on the research can help inform your recommendations and findings. Before your sessions, program a few questions for moderators and collaborators to answer immediately after the interview or group.

Autoclipping & Save Moment: Creating autoclips prior to and during your research helps you mark insightful moments before and while they are happening. As themes emerge, clips are automatically created allowing you to uncover insights in minutes versus days.

Coming Soon

New Self Captures Enhancements

Get more out of Self Captures findings with the ability to request task redos and better manage insights using content moderation settings.


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