June 2023 Release Notes

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This month's article announces updates and enhancements to Genie Summaries, users can now access generative AI summaries for each video session alongside the recordings and machine transcripts. We will also cover the API endpoint expansion, allowing partners to add viewers via integration. Unlimited subscription customers gain access to Affiliated Project Lists in Org Admin, providing better project visibility. We will also share best practices to customize machine transcripts for quicker insights. Finally, we will announce upcoming enhancements to Self Captures, offering task redos and content moderation settings for better insight management.

New Features!

Instant Session Genie Summaries

In addition to Genie Project-Level Composite Summaries, you can now access a generative AI summary of each video conversation alongside your video recording and machine transcript. To get early access Discuss' generative AI assistant, Genie, click here




API Endpoint to add a Viewer

We've expanded our endpoint capabilities with our API. Now our partners can add viewers to their projects via an integration. 

Affiliated Project Lists in Org Admin 
*For unlimited subscription customers only

For users that have an unlimited subscription, Organizational Admins can now view all projects affiliated with each user — providing better visibility into usage. 


Best Practices

How to customize your machine transcripts to help you get to insights more quickly

Optimize Your Transcripts - Add new speakers to your transcripts on recorded or uploaded sessions to help you get to insights faster.

Transcript Moments - Track and play recordings from the moments when polls are launched, stimuli is displayed, or desktop/mobile screens are shared directly from transcripts.

Discussion Guide Placement - Move the location of the discussion guide annotations in the transcripts to help improve the readability of your transcripts.

Coming Soon

New Self Captures Enhancements

Get more out of Self Captures findings with the ability to request task redos and better manage insights using content moderation settings.

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