How to Check the Status of a Session in the Respondent Hub

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This brief guide will provide information on how to check the status of a session in the respondent hub. You will be able to view and interpret de details such as the session date time and status, the respondents' status, etc. We will cover how to view upcoming sessions, as well as completed sessions. 


How to Check the Status of a Session in the Respondent Hub

First, you can log in to your Discuss account and access your dashboard. Through there, you'll find all the projects you are a member of, then you can select the project you need to check up on from the list in your dashboard.




After clicking on your project, navigate to the Respondent hub tab in order to view upcoming interviews.


1- Interview: This section contains the title and name of the session.

When a researcher sets up a session without a title this section will only display the session ID as shown in the image below:


When a researcher sets up a session and inputs the title for it, you will be able to see the title and the session ID:


2. Date and time: This section shows the interview's scheduled date and start time.


3. Type: This section shows the session's type. For example an IDI, a DYAD, a triad, for a focus group. 


4. Devices Allowed: This section shows what devices respondents are allowed to use to join the session. There is a feature that can be enabled in the project settings that allows respondents to join from all devices including phones and tablets. 


5. Recruiter: This section shows the email address of the recruiter in charge of managing the respondent for that session. 

6. Country: The country where your respondents are from. 

7. Notes: This section allows you to leave specific notes and instructions for the tech support agent that will support the session. 

8. Interview Links: This section provides copyable links for each role, such as respondent links, and moderator links.

9. Name: This section shows the respondent's first name.

10. Role: This section shows the respondent's role if they are a main respondent or a backup:


11. Tech check link: This section provides a copyable tech check link unique to each respondent. 

12. Tech check status: This section shows the tech check status for each respondent:


You will be able to see if the tech check invite has been sent and when exactly:


Also, you will be able to view if the respondent attempted to submit the video but did not complete the tech check:


Also, you will be able to view if the respondent has completed the tech check successfully: 


When you click the small play button you will be able to view more details about the submitted tech check:


13: Form Status: This section displays if a consent form has been assigned, or not. Also,  if the form has been signed by the respondent. 

  • The consent form was not assigned:


  • The consent form was assigned but not signed by the respondent yet.:


  • The consent form was assigned and signed by the respondent:



14: Invite Status: This section contains the invite status. Recruiters can send the interview invites through the "Notify and invite" button located on the top left side of the page. When the respondent receives the email invite containing the interview link, they have a "Confirm" button on the email that allows them to confirm that they will be attending. Once the respondent presses that button the invite status displays "Confirmed!" 


  1. The respondent has not confirmed yet.
  2. The respondent has confirmed.

15: Email: This section contains the respondent's email address. 


How to Check a Completed Session Status 

Navigate to the Respondent hub tab to view completed interviews.


The section titled Final Status shows the respondent's disposition, you will be able to retrieve information such as whether they have participated in the discussion or not. 


The recordings for these completed interviews can be found in the recordings tab. The following article shows how to view the recordings View and Download Recordings and Clips


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