Deleting a Poll and Erasing Its Previous Results

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In this concise guide, you will find detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to perform the actions of deleting a poll and erasing its previous results.


Deleting a Poll

To delete a poll, you can start by navigating to the interview prep section of your project.

  1. Then click the poll section.
  2. Once you are there you should be able to view all the poll created on that project. 
  3. Navigate to the poll you'd like to delete and click the small bin button to the right side of the poll as shown in the image below: 

Initial polls.PNG

Your poll will immediately disappear from the poll list. 



After Poll Deletion What Happens to Previous Results of That Poll

After deleting a poll in the interview prep > poll section, all related results of that poll will be deleted with it.

This is my poll results section BEFORE we deleted the poll titled "Which meal do you skip most".

Initial results - Copy - Copy.PNG

This is my poll results section AFTER we deleted the poll titled "Which meal do you skip most".

Test result after deletion - Copy.PNG

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