How to Add New Columns to the Respondent Hub

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This brief guide will provide instructions on how to add new columns to the respondent hub. By customizing your data structure, you can include valuable screener information relevant to your study, such as age, gender, location, and more. Streamline your data management and gain deeper insights with this feature


How to Add New Columns to the Respondent Hub

You can start by navigating to the respondent hub section of your project, and clicking on the "Add/Edit Respondents" button :

1 - Copy.PNG

Once in the Add/Edit Respondents view, click on "Add New Column", and name it as needed: 


You will be able to enter the screener information for each respondent as shown below:

3.3 Copy.PNG

You can click on the "Save" button located in the top right corner of the screen to go back to the respondent hub view.

The screener information will not appear in the respondent hub view, it will appear directly in the meeting room.


Bulk Add Information to the Respondent Hub

You can bulk-add respondent information to the respondent hub, by copying it from the source and pasting it in the respondent hub.

NOTE: For successful bulk data pasting, your spreadsheet should have the same column structure as the add/edit module.

Go to your Excel file and select and copy the information you'd like to add to the respondent hub. 


Now, you can navigate to the Add/Edit Respondents view, in your respondent hub:

1 - Copy.PNG


Select an empty cell and press 'Control + V' on your keyboard to paste the information. If you're using a Mac, press 'Command + V' instead.

The information previously selected will be added to the respondent hub :



Make sure to click on the button "Done" located in the top right corner to save the changes.


Here is a video that contains best practices for recruiters and includes a video of how to bulk-add information in the respondent hub: Best Practices For Recruiters


How to View Respondent's Screener Information in the Meeting Room

After joining your session, you can click on "Show respondent info":



Inside the room - Copy.PNG

This will display the respondent's tech check information and screener information, as well as pre-work information if you've used that feature.

NOTE: The Pre-Work tab will also appear if you've assigned homework to the respondents through the pre-work feature.  Here are relevant pre-work articles: Creating Pre-Work for a Project and Review Pre-Work Submissions


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