July 2023 Release Notes

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This month's article announces the new Genie project settings for toggling features in the Early Access Beta. We delve into best practices, showing how Discuss' Genie AI transforms extensive video sessions into swift insights with Instant Session Summaries. Finally, we will announce upcoming enhancements to  Self Captures, including task redo requests and advanced content moderation settings.


Project Settings for Genie

If you have signed up for Early Access to the Genie Beta you can now toggle Genie on or off your projects. To learn more on how to enable or disable Genie, click here.

Want early access to our Beta for Genie? Reach out to Product@discuss.io to enable Summaries on your account.


Genie Project Settings.png


Best Practices

How your stakeholders can take advantage of generative AI

Discuss' generative AI assistant, Genie, helps researchers turn hours of video and transcripts into insights in seconds. But Genie doesn't just help researchers, Genie can also help your stakeholders stay engaged with the research. Using Instant Session Genie Summaries, stakeholders can see a high-level summary of each interview — allowing them to refresh themselves on what happened during the sessions or catch up on ones they may have missed. 


Coming Soon

New Self Captures Enhancements

Get more out of Self Captures findings with the ability to request task redos and better manage insights using content moderation settings.

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