How to Request a Redo For a Self Captures Task

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The 'Redo Task' feature in the Self Captures platform ensures that research data is accurate and complete, enabling researchers to gather the most comprehensive insights. 

Task redos are processed individually. When you send respondents a redo request for multiple tasks, they will receive distinct emails for each task that needs revisitation. For questions that involve multiple photos, requesting a redo will delete all photo submissions associated with that task. When you ask for a task redo, it requires the respondent to redo the entire task.

Once you have submitted a request for a redo for a Self Captures task you cannot recall the original response or cancel the redo request. Once a redo request is sent the existing response will be deleted.

The 'Request Redo' button is visible to Project Owners, Editors, Collaborators, and Recruiters. Viewers will not have access to this button.

How to Request a Redo For a Self-Captures Task

Please note: An email will be immediately dispatched to the respondent's inbox, prompting them to redo the task as soon as the "Redo Request" has been made. 

Navigate to your self-captures response activity from your dashboard by clicking the "Self Captures" tab


click "View All Responses"

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image example of Self Captures responses


To access the 'Request Task Redo' button, scroll down until you spot the "Request Task Redo" button.

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Send the Redo Request by clicking the "Request Task Redo" button, positioned adjacent to the respondent's activity details.

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A pop-up will appear allowing you to modify the message. If the default message suffices, simply click "Send"

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A request redo successfully sent message will appear on the screen. 

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A 'Redo' icon will appear next to the respondents name, indicating a redo has been requested for their task. This also indicates which respondents have a 'Redo" request in progress.


Upon sending the task redo request the task will transition to a 'pending' status.

Respondent perspective - Submitting a Redo for a Self Captures Task


How to Check if the Task Has Been Redone by the Respondent

In the "By Respondent" tab: If the respondent has not yet submitted their revised response, you will find a placeholder for the task. This placeholder will display the date the Redo Request was sent, as illustrated in the image below.

NOTE: During this phase, the task will not be visible in the "By Task" tab.

TeskRedo Requested.PNG

In the "By Respondent" tab: Once the respondent completes the redo, their new response will automatically overwrite the previous placeholder.



Send a Reminder

You have access to a "Send Reminder" button, which can be utilized to remind the respondent at any stage during the study. It can be used as a reminder for the redo request, or as a reminder for the whole Self Captures activity. You can also customize the message at will. 




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