August 2023 Release Notes

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This month's article announces the new Research Focus on Genie Summaries. Genie is out of beta and can be added to any account or project. We delve into best practices, showing how Discuss' Genie summaries can be tailored to answer research objectives with the click of a button. Finally, we will announce upcoming enhancements to  Self Captures and Machine Transcription. 


Genie Summaries with Research Focus

When using Genie, Discuss' generative AI assistant, you now can customize your project-level summaries by research focus to enable more relevant summaries and themes. Learn more.

Genie Research Focus resized.gif


Genie Interview Recap Enhancements

Interview Recaps automatically capture a recap of every live session on the Recording page. These generative AI recaps now will show a bulleted list of key takeaways from each interview. 


Self Captures Request a Redo
You can now have respondents re-do their Self Captures responses when submitted incorrectly or if they didn’t understand the task. Learn more.


Best Practices

How to tailor your generative AI summaries to deliver impactful insights

Discuss' generative AI assistant, Genie, helps researchers turn hours of video and transcripts into insights in seconds but did you know that Genie can also tailor your summaries based on your research focus? When utilizing Genie on your projects, you can customize your research focus to get targeted themes and summaries that match your research objectives. 


Coming Soon

New Self Captures Enhancements

Get more out of Self Captures findings with the ability to better manage insights with homework labels and explicit content filtering


New Enhanced Transcription 

Access better, higher quality summaries with more accurate machine transcripts that better support larger groups. 





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