Data Privacy for Genie Summaries

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This section details the data privacy measures in place for transcripts processed by Genie Summaries. We place the utmost importance on the confidentiality and security of our users' data. This article outlines the privacy protocols for Genie Summaries, especially regarding its integration with OpenAI's API.


Secure Connection with OpenAI

We are using OpenAI's GPT 3.5 API to generate our summaries. This is a private API, not a public application like ChatGPT. The data we send is not used to train any models or shared with any public datasets.


Data Retention and Deletion

OpenAI only references your specific project and deletes the data post-analysis. OpenAI uses temporary storage to process the request, and then the data is automatically deleted within 30 days.


Privacy of Your Data

Your data remains confidential and is not accessible to external entities. When processing, we transmit only the raw transcript to OpenAI, ensuring no Speaker IDs or project-specific metadata are included. As such, OpenAI only processes the raw transcript data. 


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