Adding Self-Capture Responses to Highlight Reels

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This brief guide will provide instructions on how to add self-capture responses to highlight reels. By following this guide, you will be equipped to seamlessly integrate individual responses from self-captures into a highlight reel.


Adding Self-Capture Responses to Highlight Reels

1. Begin at the 'Respondents' Tab
- Navigate directly to the 'Respondents' tab. Within this tab, select the 'Self-Captures' sub-tab to access all self-captured responses. Locate and click on "View all responses" for the survey of interest.
2. Select Responses from the Desired Surveys
- Here, you'll be presented with various tasks. Navigate to the ones you wish to incorporate into your reel.
- For each desired task, scroll in the right navigation bar to locate the "Add" button under "Add to Highlight Reels Page". Select this for all relevant tasks.
- When you add each video response, you will see a confirmation message that says "Added!" confirming that it's been added to your Highlight reels tab.
3. Transition to Highlight Reel Creation
Now that you have your desired responses, it's time to craft your reel:
- Exit the "Self Captures" tab.
- Move to the 'Insights' tab.
- Within this tab, select the 'Highlight Reels' sub-tab, your space for reel creation.
4. Craft Your Highlight Reel
- On the 'Self Captures' tab to access the responses you've marked.
- Drag and drop these responses in the order you envision for your reel.
Once satisfied, hit the "Create Highlight Reel" button to initiate the crafting process.
5. Await the Rendering of Your Highlight Reel
- As the reel renders, you'll witness a percentage value, indicating the rendering's progress.
- Upon completion, your highlight reel is ready for viewing and sharing.
6. Final Touches and Reel Distribution
Your reel is ready.
Reel ready.PNG
-If you do not see the 3 dots button next to your newly created highlight reel it's because it's still in editing mode, you can go ahead and click on "Clear Timeline". Scroll the page down to locate your reel on the reels list at the right side of your page. There you will see the 3 dots button next to your newly created reel.
-The 3-dot icon unveils a range of options, from duplicating to sharing. You can tailor and distribute your reel as you see fit.

How to Re-Cut the Highlight Reel

Locate your desired highlight reel and look for the 3-dot menu of the clip. Then, select "Re-Ct Highlight Reel"

How to Adjust The Length of the Clips That are Within The Highlight Reel

You can adjust the length of the clips that are inside the highlight reel.
To do that select the clip that you'd like to trim.
From here you can adjust the length of the clip by adjusting the blue elliptical controls under the clip. 
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