Customize & Gather Interview Takeaways

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Welcome to your personalized guide for shaping takeaway questions in your research.

Project owners and editors have the flexibility to adjust questions to suit specific research objectives. Following live discussions, Moderators & Observers will be prompted to share their key insights.


What are Discuss key Takeaways?

Sharing key takeaways can be useful in informing strategic decisions and ensuring alignment among stakeholders.

These concise insights communicate the most important findings, enabling teams to take actionable steps to improve products and strategies.

By default, the Interactive Meeting Room takeaway questions are :

  • What was the biggest takeaway you had from today's conversation?
  • What did you learn?
  • What action would you take based on what you heard today?


Enable/Disable Takeaway Questions

By default, takeaways are enabled for every project. If you'd like to disable the takeaway questions, you can click hereHow to Enable/Disable Takeaways.


Customize Takeaway Questions

  1. Sign in to your Discuss account.
  2. Go to the Overview tab of your Project Portal.
  3. Scroll down to the "Interview Materials" section at the bottom right of your screen.
  4. Select "Takeaways."
  5. Choose "New section" or "New Question" to personalize your takeaways.
  6. Don't forget to hit "Save" to preserve your changes.


Gather Key Takeaways

After the session ends, moderators and observers will see the takeaway questions section by section, as illustrated in the images below:


After answering the first section the participant can click on the next button to display the following section.



Access & Download Takeaways

If you'd like to access & download interview takeaways, you can click here

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