How to Track Labels in Your Self Captures Activity

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Labels in Self Captures Activity serve as a tool for categorizing and identifying pre-work or post-work assignments related to live interviews. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the processes of both adding labels to your activities and effectively tracking them.

Tracking Self-Captures Activity allows you to:

  • Monitor homework status in the 'Respondent Hub Self Captures Column' and view each respondent's detailed activity history.
  • Check the homework status in the 'Completed Interview Self Captures Column' and access each respondent’s activity history.


From the Respondent Hub

  1. Navigate to the Respondent Hub.
  2. Identify the respondent whose homework status you wish to check.
  3. Click on the Self Captures icon. This action will display all the homework they've completed. 



From the Completed Interviews

  1. Proceed to the Completed Interviews page within your project.
  2. Locate the respondent whose homework status you wish to inspect. Click on the Self Captures icon to view a summary of all completed homework.
  3. For a detailed view, select the 'Open' button next to the relevant homework entry.


It will provide a view of the homework the respondent has worked on.



From the Respondent Hub's Add/Edit Respondent View

  1. Head to your Respondent Hub, accessible under the 'Respondent' tab.
  2. Select "Add/Edit Respondents." Find the respondent you're interested in and click on the Self Captures icon located adjacent to their details."





Identifying Homework with Labels in Invites and Reminders

When dispatching a Self Captures Activity invite or reminder, the 'Pre' or 'Post' labels enable quick identification of homework assignments.



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