Filtering Insights Using Tags

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Filtering Insights Using Tags

You can start by accessing your project's Insights tab from the main navigation menu. Click on the "Tag Insights" tab.

Upon entering the Tag Insights tab, a visual tag cloud is presented, featuring clickable tags. The colors associated with each tag reflect the sentiment that is dominant in the clips.

Clicking on any tag within the cloud instantly directs you to the grouped clips associated with the clicked tag.

You can view various information, including sentiments linked to the specific tag, other tags frequently associated with the targeted tag, and the markets related to these clips.


Managing Tags within a Project: In the Tag Insights tab, you can create, rename, delete, and merge tags. Follow our step-by-step guide, "Managing Tags within a Project" for detailed instructions and images.

Edit Sentiment Tags on Clips: In the Tag Insights tab, refine the emotional context by editing the sentiment attached to a specific tag. Find detailed instructions with images in our guide, "Edit Sentiment Tags on Clips"

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