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Simultaneous Translator Using A Phone

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Simultaneous translators can conduct their whole job without using a phone on the platform. However, there may be times when you need to switch your audio source due to internet connection issues or poor microphone/audio quality.


  • You cannot use the same phone to both hear the meeting room and translate. If you switch your audio source to phone, you are switching ONLY the translation audio, where you are speaking. You will continue to hear the main room via computer audio.


Use Your Phone as a microphone to translate

  • Click on the Settings cog in the lower right corner of your window.
  • This will open the Device Settings modal.
  • To switch from computer to phone audio, click the Phone tab. 

Follow the instructions to either have the system call you (866-557-6716), or dial one of our local conference line numbers. When the call connects, enter the unique PIN code at the bottom right of your Device Settings modal to let the system know you are the translator.

When your phone is connected, you will continue to use your computer to listen to the meeting room. Your computer input will be muted, and you will use your phone to interpret. You won't hear anything through your phone.

If you are connected by phone and need to speak in the meeting room, use the Push to Talk button as described above.


Use your Phone the hear the main room

In this situation, the moderator or technical support will have to dial you in as a phone-only user in the observer role. In this scenario :

  • You will be hearing the main room conversation via your phone
  • You will still be speaking your translation via computer audio
  • You would need to mute your computer output because you will still be connected to the main room on computer audio as well
  • Do not mute your microphone on your computer because this will mute your translation and observers will not hear you.

Using Phone for Both the Main Room and Translation Line 

This option is not recommended.

As a simultaneous translator, if you have internet connection issues or poor audio/microphone quality on your computer, the only way to hear and talk in the interview is by using 2 phones.

  1. Using the same method outlined in  "hearing the main room by phone," the moderator or translator can dial you in to hear the main room audio with phone # 1.
  2. You could then switch your own audio to your phone via the Settings cog located on the bottom right of the meeting room in order to switch your translation audio to also go through your phone # 2.

  • Please note that there must be a computer session connected to the translation line to record the translated audio. If a translator connects via 2 phones rather than web audio, they or someone on their team must still be in the meeting room in the translator role, even if they are muted. If the system does not detect a web session in the translated room, the translation will not be recorded in the final video archive.
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