Create Clips with Genie Quotes

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Genie Quotes allow you to easily find, copy, and create clips directly from the Summary page. Quotes are accessible on the dedicated "Quotes" tab and are organized by theme. 

Quotes are only available for newly generated summaries. If you wish to access quotes for an existing summary, you can edit the Research Focus and generate a new summary.

Create Clips with Genie Quotes

You can start by navigating to the quotes tab. It's located in the Summary tab, which is under the Insights tab.

Quotes are categorized by themes. Each theme includes at least one quote, and a maximum of five quotes will be displayed.

The quotes will be accompanied by 3 buttons, "Details", "Copy", and "Play".

  • Clicking the "Details" button provides additional information about the speaker. If the respondent's information is available in the Respondent Hub, answers to screener questions will be displayed.
  • The "Copy" button allows you to easily copy the text of the quote to your clipboard for quick sharing or reference.
  • The "Play" button opens a dialog to view the source recording and transcript for the quote. From this dialog, you have the option to automatically generate a clip. Clips are added to the Highlight Reel page and the Recordings page. For the source video, automatically named "Quotes - respondent name - date." After creating the clip, you can further edit or trim it using the features available on the Highlight Reel and Recordings page.

To know more about how to edit clips you can review this article: How to Edit an Existing Video Clip

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