Reviewing Responses By Task in a Self Captures Activity

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This brief guide will provide instructions on how to review responses by task in a Self-capture activity. This will allow you to view all the different respondent's responses to a specific task. We will also cover what features are available when reviewing video responses. Once you have launched your activity, you will be able to instantly see responses come in, in real-time!

Reviewing Responses by Task in a Self Captures Activity

Navigate to your self-captures response activity from your dashboard by clicking the "Self Captures" tab


Click "View All Responses"

Note: If a shared activity has not received any submissions, the activity card will show a 'No Responses'.


Navigation of the Submissions By Task

On the top center, you can select the "By Task" view.

On the left side you will have a list of all the tasks in this activity you can go ahead and click the task that you'd like to review.

When the task is opened you will be able to see that different respondents have answers on this same task. You can scroll the navigation bar down to view all the different respondent submissions. 

Reviewing Video Responses

To review the video, click the play button. 

You also have other options in the video player, like downloading the video to your local device, playing the video in a picture-in-picture view, and adjusting the playback speed, by clicking the three-dot menu.

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