The Importance of Submitting Feedback After Your Discussion on Discuss

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As a moderator on Discuss, your role is essential for facilitating smooth market research discussions. We strive to offer you an optimal environment so you can effectively focus on your work. Your feedback at the end of each session is invaluable for ensuring we deliver the right service and identifying areas for improvement.

Understanding the Feedback Questions:

After each session, you are prompted to rate the audio and video quality on a scale from 1 to 5, with 1 representing very dissatisfied and 5 indicating very satisfied. It's important to remember that this rating should solely reflect your satisfaction with the audio and video quality during the session. Issues such as participant recruitment or attendance should not influence this rating.

Similarly, you are asked to rate the technical support received during the session on the same scale. Again, focus your rating on the support provided by Discuss's live support team in setting up and maintaining participant tech. Any other issues unrelated to technical support should be addressed separately in the upcoming questions.

Providing Additional Feedback:

After rating the audio, video quality, and technical support, you have the opportunity to provide further insights into your ratings. The "Any other feedback?" section invites you to share any additional comments or suggestions. Don't hesitate to provide written details about what happened during the session, or write something that you'd like our team to be aware of. Also, any constructive feedback on any aspect of the session or your experience that you feel could be enhanced. Your insights are invaluable in driving continuous improvement.



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