Accessing Session Recordings on Discuss: A Guide for Viewers

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The Observer and Moderator links do not provide access to session recordings or clips once the session has ended. To access these recordings, you must have a project member share the recording with you. Upon sharing, you will receive a link and a password to view the recording.

If you anticipate needing access to multiple recordings within the same project, it would be advisable to request a distinct viewer role. This role grants access to view all the recordings of all the sessions that happened on that project. The viewer role can be assigned by the project owner. You must contact the project owner to request the viewer role.

If you are unsure who the project owner is or have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

Accessing Recordings:

Accessing the Recording of a Specific Session:

Project members can share the recording with you.

Accessing the Recording of all sessions of the project:

Once granted the viewer role, individuals gain access to the project's recording page, where they can review past discussions and any associated clips. This access extends to recordings from all discussions held within the project.

Differentiating Viewer from Observer:

It's crucial to distinguish between the viewer and observer roles. While observers can only watch live sessions using an observer link, viewers have the privilege of accessing session recordings post-discussion. That is why to obtain this role, individuals must request the project owner to add them as viewers to the respective project.

Moderating as a Viewer:

In instances where a viewer is also tasked with moderating a session, they can utilize a moderator link or Personal Meeting Room link shared within the project. This grants them moderator privileges solely for the session without providing access to other project components.

Limitations of the Viewer Role:

Although viewers have access to recordings and relevant pages, certain functionalities such as adding, editing, deleting, sharing, and downloading are restricted. 


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