Stream In-Person Research in the Live Meeting Room

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This article is for project owners and researchers interested in leveraging Discuss to stream In-Person Research.

As a Project Owner or Researcher interested in using our Live Video Platform for In-Person Research, you're likely seeking guidance on setup, conducting successful interviews, technical requirements, letting your team watch interviews and available insights tools.

For successful In-Person research streaming, follow these steps:

1. Start Your Project
2. Manage Your Project
3. Inform Our Team
4. Test Your Devices
5. Stream In-Person Research
6. Take Advantage of Discuss Insights Tools


Start Your Project

If you're on a Pro or Premium subscription with Discuss, kick off your project swiftly using our Project Start to share project details. Otherwise, simply fill out our Quote Form to create your project as usual.

Manage Your Project

Proceed with the usual project setup steps. Utilize your Project Management Tool to easily handle scheduling, respondent management, interview materials, and project settings. For those with additional support from our Global Research Services, Discuss will assist in project management.

Inform Our Team

If you're managing the project independently, use the Leave Notes for Support feature to notify our Platform Support Technical team that your sessions are intended for streaming In-Person Research or 'In-Facility' sessions. If your subscription includes Project Coordination or Project Management, you can inform your Discuss point of contact. For questions, contact

Test Your Devices

Prioritize testing your devices to ensure a smooth platform experience. We strongly recommend doing this ahead of time. As moderators and respondents are typically nearby, improper setup can lead to audio feedback loops.

Follow these recommendations:

- Utilize one video feed and ensure the camera device captures all participants effectively.
- Opt for one centralized audio feed to prevent feedback loops.
- Test Your devices using your Personal Meeting Room by referring to this In-Depth article.

- Review our System Requirements and bandwidth requirements.

For additional assistance, schedule a Live Tech Check with our HelpDesk team at

Stream In-Person Research

For projects with Live Support, our Support Agents will be present in the Discuss Meeting Room to offer assistance to users connected virtually.

  • Observers will be able to view the stream and depending on the camera setup, they can view the room where the interview is being held. This can be useful if any physical stimuli are being shared. Observers can reach out to our Live Support if they have any technical issues.
  • Moderators will have access to moderator meeting room functions and can utilize the backroom chat to message observers, support, and translators, if applicable.
  • Simultaneous Translators can join the virtual meeting room to translate for observers listening in.

Take Advantage of Discuss Insights Tools

Using Discuss for your In-Person Research allows you to capitalize on our Insights Tool to gain valuable data and optimize research outcomes. You will have access to our full Insights Tools.

Note: As the Interview will be held In-Person, speaker identification for In-Person participants will need to be added manually.

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