February 2024 Release Notes

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This month's article introduces the new Automated User Management Dashboard, streamlining seat requests for both researchers and admins globally. Learn how our interactive polling feature allows you to gather opinions seamlessly, enhancing your data collection process. Finally, stay tuned for our upcoming Off-Platform Research capabilities promising a transformative qualitative research experience, and the expansion of Genie summaries to serve global research needs, providing enhanced accessibility and facilitating smoother teamwork across global teams.


Automated User Management 

We're excited to introduce the Automated User Management Dashboard, designed to enhance your experience by automating seat requests. This new feature will simplify the process for both researchers and admins, making it easier to manage seats and improve your workflows, especially for remote teams. 

Researcher user management 

  • Adding seats is now a breeze! With just a few clicks within the app, researchers can effortlessly create and add new seats as needed.
  • If there are no available seats, researchers can quickly request additional seats from their organization's admin with the click of a button.


Organizational Admin User 

  • Stay informed with email and in-app notifications for pending seat requests, giving you easy access to a dashboard where you can approve or deny researcher seat requests.
  • Receive notifications when seats are filled and take action accordingly.
  • In the event of seat unavailability, easily approve seat requests directly within the application.



Best Practices

How to Better Manage Group Interviews with Polls 

Our polling feature is an interactive tool designed to solicit opinions from respondents through single or multiple-choice questions. Polling is a great feature to leverage when conducting group interviews. Simply set up your poll before your session begins and share with your participants in the live session to help capture group feedback on concept tests, messaging, and more. Plus refer back to the data post-session to combine your close-ended results with your qualitative insights.

Coming Soon

Off-Platform Research

Off-Platform Research brings all your qualitative research together — making your platform do the heavy lifting. Researchers can create a holistic view of all research from Discuss and other sources while holstering the power of GenAI.

  • Easily upload video files from various sources and analyze insights across diverse markets.
  • Instantly get transcripts and Genie recaps, summaries, themes, and quotes, facilitating a holistic view of global insights.
  • Effortlessly create highlight reels and share them with stakeholders, enabling researchers to access actionable insights across the globe.

Genie summaries

Genie summaries are expanding for global research. Introducing human centricity at a global scale, gain access to Genie-powered insights for English summaries for multi-language research.

  • Easily scale your research across your global organization with 4 new (Spanish, German, Portuguese, French) languages now supported, offering the convenience of understanding global research in English
  • Gain access to instant recaps, project summaries, and themes, significantly accelerating the time to insights
  • Quotes not available with this release for non-English
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