New Request Approval

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When an organization has reached its seat limit, Researchers can request new seats from the Project Overview page by adding an Editor or Collaborator to a project.

When a request is made, the Organization Admin will receive an email notification letting them know that there is a pending request to add a new Researcher to their organization. They will also see a notification on their Dashboard when they log in, letting them know that a request is pending.

Any pending requests will be called out at the top of the page. The Admin can choose to Approve or Deny the request.


Approving a request

Approving the request will add a new seat to an organization’s subscription and the pending user will be promoted to the Researcher role. The system will also automatically promote the pending user to the Editor or Collaborator on the project where the request was made.

In the case where an Admin wants to approve the request without adding a new seat to the subscription, it is necessary to make a different user a Viewer before approving the new seat request.

Denying the request

An Admin can also choose deny from the dropdown and the pending user will remain a Viewer.



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