Ending Self Captures Activities

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This article outlines the process of concluding self captures activities, detailing the various options for ending the activity.

Ending Self Captures Activities

To access the activity settings, start by navigating to your project and then to the self-captures tab. Choose the activity you wish to modify and click on "Edit Activity," as shown in the accompanying image below.

 Next, proceed to "Activity settings" and scroll down until you reach "Activity End Settings."

You'll find three options:

  1. End Date: Set a specific date to automatically close your activity. his option ensures that the activity concludes on a predefined date, preventing further access by respondents after the specified time.
  2. Number of Respondents: Specify a sample size to automatically close your activity after receiving responses from enough unique respondents. With this feature, you can determine the number of participants needed to complete the activity, after which it will automatically close.
  3. Redirects: Direct respondents to a new URL upon completing the activity. Use this option to guide respondents to a designated webpage or resource once they finish the activity.

Make sure to click "Save & Exit" to save the changes


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