Research Respondents Meeting Room Features

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Get familiar with the Interactive Meeting Room for respondents before your Live Research sessions. 

The Interactive meeting room can be accessed through a Desktop/Laptop or Mobile Device/Tablet though certain studies might limit access to mobile devices. We recommend contacting your recruiter if you have any doubts.



  1. Control your microphone & camera (if applicable)
  2. Change your audio/video device settings or dial-in via phone
  3. Chat with the moderator, live support & other paid respondents 
  4. Answer Interview Polls (if applicable)
  5. Share Your Computer Screen (Request will be sent by the Moderator)
  6. Share Your Mobile Screen (if applicable)
  7. View the Recording Status


  • Answering a Poll 

Polls might be shared during the conversation, to collect your opinion. If that's the case, you will be able to see a graph icon, located below the chat panel. On the right side of your screen. 


  1. After the moderator launches a poll, you'll see either a single-select (circular checkbox) or multi-select (square checkbox).
  2. To finish the poll and save your response, click 'Submit'.
  3. Once you've submitted your response, a thank-you message will appear for you.

If the moderator has chosen to share the results, you will be able to view the percentage voted for each response, and how many votes that included, after submitting your response. All results will remain anonymous to the participant(s).


  • Virtual Whiteboard

Ideas may be shared during the Interview. If so, your moderator might present them on a whiteboard.

When the whiteboard is open, you will be assigned a different color automatically. You can't change the color.

If you are required to interact with the document shared, here are the tools available to you: 

  • Move your markups by dragging them
  • Draw freestyle with the pencil
  • Add Text & Select the Font size
  • Draw lines
  • Draw squares
  • Draw circles
  • Erase your markups


Mobile Device/Tablet


  1. Once in the meeting room, you will always be made aware of whether the session recording is 'ON' or 'OFF' by the bar that appears at the top of the screen in portrait mode, and to the right when in landscape mode.
  2. The camera and microphone ON/OFF controls will live at the footer of the screen for ease of needing to turn the camera or microphone off within one tap.
  3. Respondents that are on devices with multiple cameras, can quickly rotate which camera they want to stream by clicking the rotation icon on their stream.
  4. The public chat and private chat with individual respondents will be available as alternate means of communication in the meeting room. A notification will appear once there are messages to review.
  5. Polling is also a meeting room functionality supported on mobile. Polls will only appear when launched for mobile respondents.
  6. You can also access your device settings by clicking on the menu on the bottom right of the screen. From there :
      • You can control what camera/microphone is being used
      • Change the stream quality of the video (also helps save battery life)
      • Select Call Me to connect to the meeting via your phone's audio


  • Virtual Whiteboard on Mobile

A limited version of whiteboard tools is available if you participate via a mobile device.

When the whiteboard is open, you will be assigned a different color automatically. You can't change the color.



  • Draw freestyle with the pencil
  • Add Text & Select the Font Size*


  • Move your markups by dragging them
  • Pinch Zoom on any part of the concept shared or unclick any tool 

*For the text feature the font size (ranging from 10 to 22), and then click confirm to submit the text to the whiteboard, or "x" to cancel their input. Text cannot be edited after being submitted. To resubmit, use the eraser on the text and resubmit the new text.


Video Walkthrough


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