Respondent Mobile Screen Sharing

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Prepare to share your mobile screen during a live interview as a respondent by gathering essential information.

In live interviews, mobile screen sharing plays a pivotal role in facilitating seamless interaction and capturing valuable insights. As respondents, leveraging mobile screen sharing empowers you to present real-time demonstrations, showcase applications, and provide context-rich visual content.

You'll need both your desktop/laptop and mobile phone to do so. If you lack a desktop/laptop, refer to our steps for sharing screens via mobile. In this scenario, while you share your mobile screen, your video feed will be temporarily deactivated.



Downloading the Discuss App

If you are invited to a mobile screen share interview you should download the app before you complete your tech check or before your scheduled interview time.

  • Option 1: Scan this QR code to be redirected to the app store.


  • Option 2: Click on the Download link that suits your device to be redirected to the app store.


Best Practices & Preparation

Maximize the effectiveness of your mobile screen share session with these proactive measures

Turn off your notification 
  • For Androids, Go to Settings -> Notifications -> Do Not Disturb

This will prevent any notifications from appearing while you are screen sharing.



  • For iOS devices, Go to Settings -> Notifications -> Do Not Disturb -> Click on the Do Not Disturb toggle to turn it on -> Ensure that "Silence" is set to "Always"

This will hide notifications from appearing as you are screen-sharing your mobile device or tablet during the session.

Turn Off Auto-Lock Settings (iOS only)
  • Go to Settings -> Display & Brightness -> Auto-lock -> Never

This will prevent iOS devices from disconnecting the screen share in the event it goes to lock mode.


Confirm your device battery
Ensure that your battery is fully charged or connected to a charger during your sessions.
Connect your device to Wi-Fi
Make sure that your device is connected to Wi-Fi


System Requirements for Mobile Screenshare

Sharing your Mobile Screen

You will need your desktop/laptop AND your mobile phone to be able to share your mobile screen in the live meeting room. Setup is easy! Please follow these instructions.


Follow the steps to join your Live Interview. You will see a Welcome message on a waiting page.

        • If you have downloaded the app, you can scan the QR code to open it and your share code will autofill.
        • If you have not downloaded the app yet, you can do so by using the QR code to open your appropriate app store


If it doesn't autofill, don't worry!

You'll see a Mobile Screenshare button at the bottom of the meeting room. You can enter your screen share code in the mobile app and tap "Start Sharing". However, you won't be able to start sharing until you are invited in.

Codes are valid 15 minutes before the scheduled start time until the session ends.

Provide the app permissions to screen share your phone


Wait for the moderator to present your screen share to the meeting room.

When you see your screen share in the meeting room, you are screen sharing!


Controls for Mobile Screen Share

You can control your mobile screen share at any time while you are sharing.


  • End Screen Share - will end the screen share and the mobile device will no longer be connected to the meeting room.
  • Pause - will pause the screen share in the meeting room, showing the last frame. The device will still be connected
  • Resume - will resume the screen share in the meeting room.
  • Link from Moderator - will open up a link sent from the moderator


Sharing Your Screen via Mobile 

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