Respondent Guide to Signing Consent Form

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As a valued respondent, your insights are crucial to shaping the future. Whether you're gearing up for an interview or an asynchronous (Self Captures) activity, signing a consent form is the first step towards making your voice heard. Let's delve into the process and ensure you're ready to participate with confidence.

This guide will provide a step-by-step walkthrough of how to sign your consent form in advance or on the day of the interview.


Signing my consent form before the interview

Respondent Login Flow

After accessing the meeting link, you will be prompted to input your first name, email, and phone number (optional) and select "Continue" to agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.


Signing the Consent Form

  1. Before selecting your device settings, you will be directed to the Hello Sign integration of the platform to sign your consent forms.
  2. You should read through the consent form documentation and then click 'Get Started' in the upper right-hand corner to sign.
  3. A modal will appear giving you an option to create a signature for the document. You can draw, type out, or upload a signature and then click 'Insert' in the bottom right-hand corner to save.     
  4. Once all the required signature fields in the document are signed, they must then click 'Continue' to move forward with submitting the document(s). Participants must complete all required fields, which could include initials, name insertion, date, etc.
  5. The participant will then be prompted to agree to the acknowledgment that what they are submitting are legally binding documents, and will give them a moment to edit any signature or reread any part of the document they feel they may need to rereview. They will not be able to enter the session until all signatures have been completed and they agree to the HelloSign Terms of Service.

    • After completion, participants will receive an email confirmation of their consent forms being signed, with a copy of the signed consent form(s) attached as a PDF.





Signing my consent form during the Tech Check or Self Captures

Signing the Consent Form

  1. Prior to recording their Tech Check (ATC), respondents will be prompted to Sign The Consent Form
  2. After completion, participants will receive an email confirmation of their consent forms being signed, with a copy of the signed consent form(s) attached as a PDF.
  3. Directly after the consent forms have been signed and submitted by the participant, the respondent will be taken to the tech check.
Tech Check/Consent Form Notification
  1. When consent forms have been assigned and sent to a respondent in the Consent Form(s) through the Tech Check workflow process, the participant will receive an email confirmation from Discuss (
  2. The default email includes a bulleted note informing them of the requirement to sign a consent form. They can then click the unique link to continue to the consent forms and the tech check video submission.


Ensuring Confidence and Compliance

Rest assured that your participation is both secure and legally compliant. Our platform prioritizes transparency and ensures that every participant understands their rights and responsibilities. With clear instructions and streamlined processes, you can sign your consent form with confidence, knowing that your voice will be heard.


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