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From research management to last-minute reschedules you’re in good hands with our experienced team of Global Research Services.

We offer many services when you’re not quite ready to do it alone.


  • Project Management is included with Premium + & Consumer Reach plans.
  • Recruitment & Screener Creation are included with Consumer Reach plans.
  • Live Support is included with Premium, Premium + & Consumer Reach plans

Please reach out to customercare@discuss.io for more information


Live Support

The majority of our clients opt to have their Live Research with the collaboration of our Global & Experienced Live Support team. This service is included with most of our plans and can also be requested through our Quote form. 

In the Live Meeting Room, Live Support will : 

  1. Be available for Moderators, Translators & Observers via a ! Help Button
  2. Facilitation introductions between Moderators & Respondents
  3. Be connected between 20-30 minutes in advance depending on the discussion size
  4. Send email reminders, text or call respondents to help ensure an on-time start
    • if contact details are provided
  5. Conduct a Live Tech Check with participants
  6. Start the recording
  7. Troubleshoot technical issues

Learn more about Live Support


Global Recruitment

We conduct recruitment in over 100 markets using vetted local recruitment partners, we have long-standing relationships with them which allows us to ensure respondent quality throughout our projects.

  • Online Qual recruitment is available for your Live & Async research. 

Learn more here


Project Management & Coordination 

Our project managers can screen candidates, organize schedules, and coordinate with service providers to make your project a breeze.



Use one of the professional moderators in our network.


Translation Services

Discuss works with third-party translators to assist you in interviews where you don't speak the local language.

The translator can be requested if your research includes project coordination or project management.

Translators can be requested in 2 types :

Unsure which is best suited to your needs? Our short explainer videos will cover everything you need to know.


Screener Writing Services

Finding the most qualified participants starts with a good screener. Have our team write one for you

Learn more about Screener Writing Services


Reports Writing Services

Depending on your project’s needs, you can commission a topline, summary, or full report on the findings from your conversations.

  • Topline is a journalistic type report, capturing key insights aligned with research objectives in a high-level manner. Minimal analysis is provided within a compact span of 3-7 pages.

  • Summary is a more in-depth analysis and actionable recommendations for future steps. Key themes are substantiated by relevant quotes, resulting in a comprehensive overview spanning 15-20 pages.

  • Full is a comprehensive examination delving deep into analysis, incorporating ample quotes, identifying prevalent themes, and offering detailed recommendations for next steps. Extending over 30-50 pages, this report provides an extensive review of the research findings.


Discussion Guide Creation Services

Whether you intend to moderate your interviews or have a Discuss moderator handle them, a discussion guide is a key element of your consumer conversations!

The Discuss moderators can assist or craft the discussion guide for a fee to guarantee the best outcome for your objectives.

A discussion guide should roughly contain the following :

  • Research objectives: Why are you engaging in this discussion and what do you hope to accomplish?
  • Respondent profile: Describe who you will be talking to
  • Introduction
  • Topics: For a typical session you will want to cover 3 to 5 topics, which you will derive from your research objective. Topics are generally prioritized and thought of as follows:
    • Awareness
    • Product usage
    • Buying behavior
  • Switching Questions: Not only is it important to pay attention to the order of your topics, it is also important to pay attention to how you are ordering your questions within each topic area.
  • Use the following guidelines to ensure each question builds upon the last and inspires thoughtful answers from the respondent:
    • General before specific
    • Behavioral before attitude
    • Positive before negative
    • Unaided before aided
    • Respondent categories before moderator categories
    • Activities


Human Transcription

Every session includes automatic transcription at no additional cost. For more nuanced documentation, upgrade to human transcription. This can be requested through your project dashboard. 



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