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At Discuss, we go beyond being just an Online Qualitative Platform; we also provide seamless recruiting services for your Live or Async research.

With one project manager overseeing everything and with seamless integration, your project team gains access to respondent profiles, screener information, and session status on your project portal, ensuring a cohesive and efficient workflow.



  • Our In-House recruiting & partners have their methods of recruitment, which vary from owning their panels to doing traditional phone or face-to-face recruitment, all depending on the market in question and the project type.


Recruitment Coverage





* In some countries, in-home feasibility depends on SEC levels. Please contact us to confirm submitting a request from our Help Center.

Argentina El Salvador Liechtenstein Slovakia
Australia Estonia Lithuania Slovenia
Austria Finland Luxembourg Singapore
Belgium France Mexico South Africa
Brazil Germany Netherlands South Korea
Bulgaria Greece New Zealand Spain
Canada Guatemala Norway Sweden
Chile Hungary Panama Switzerland
China Iceland Paraguay Turkey
Colombia India Philippines United Kingdom
Costa Rica Ireland Poland United States
Croatia Israel Portugal Uruguay
Czech Republic (Czechia) Italy Romania  
Denmark Japan Saudi Arabia  
Egypt Latvia Serbia  



Central Location preferred*

* Please contact us to confirm submitting a request from our Help Center.

Algeria Ethiopia Morocco Tanzania
Angola Georgia Mozambique Thailand
Armenia Ghana Myanmar Turkmenistan
Azerbaijan Honduras Nicaragua Uganda
Bangladesh Indonesia Nigeria Uzbekistan
Belarus Jordan Pakistan Vietnam
Bolivia Kazakhstan Peru Zambia
Burundi Kenya Rwanda Zimbabwe
Cambodia Kyrgyzstan Senegal  
Côte d'Ivoire Malawi Sri Lanka  
Dominican Republic Malaysia Taiwan  
Ecuador Moldova Tajikistan  
What is the delay for recruitment?
Our recruiting timeline depends on many factors, and we will provide the full timing and feasibility of your project once we receive your quote.
Which profile can you recruit?

Because we work with partners in dozens of countries and each provider has their own set of capabilities, we are happy to run a feasibility check for your project on a case-by-case basis.

How are no-shows handled?

For example, would be responsible for finding a replacement? If so, how quickly would that turnaround be? Would there be an additional fee?

We always include backup respondents in our quotes. You can consider the backups as guarantees that your interviews will be finished by a certain date. We can always expect last-minute cancellations and by having a backup you don't need to wait for a few days to recruit someone else or reschedule the no-show.

  1. If we have backups in your project and all main respondents show up, we have to pay for the recruitment and incentive of the backup.
  2. If one of your mains is a no-show, we will not charge you for the recruitment and incentive of the main respondent and you would interview the backup to replace the respondent who was a no-show.
  3. If by any chance you would like to opt out of backups OR if by any chance, we have more no-shows than backups, we typically require around a few business days for a replacement of a Gen Pop consumer, this could go up quite a bit for an HCP or B2B respondent.
How do you recruit the Best Respondents?

The Discuss project managers will review client screeners (if we are not the ones creating it) and clarify questions or make suggestions if we feel a certain question is leading the respondents to a certain answer. Our recruitment partners are also trained to choose the best respondents from their databases, and we also make sure most (if not all) respondents complete a virtual tech check, which is a quick video they record before being invited to an interview, this serves as a way to double check product usage and test their connection if they are accessing from home.

Respondents who are dishonest in their responses are blacklisted and not invited for future research, if there is a recruitment issue in a project our vendor partners are re-trained and potentially replaced if the issues persist.

We also have a dedicated team that keeps track of vendor performance and client feedback and looks at continuous improvement of our quality and capabilities.


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