April & May 2024 Release Notes

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Discover expanded Genie summaries for global insights and the fastest, highest-quality transcription across 32 supported languages. Stay tuned for the upcoming upgraded Off-Platform Research experience, promising a transformative qualitative research experience, along with the introduction of blurred backgrounds for enhanced privacy.



Genie Language Expansion 

Introducing human centricity at a global scale, gain access to Genie-powered insights for English summaries for multi-language research.

  • Our Genie summaries now cater to global research, providing recaps for all sessions with transcripts in five languages, ensuring effortless comprehension of international studies in English.
  • Explore Recaps, Summaries, and Themes in five additional languages: Dutch, Italian, Mandarin, Japanese, and Polish.
  • Please note that quotes are currently available exclusively in native languages.

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Faster, Better Machine Transcription

Introducing our fastest, best-in-class Tier 1 Transcription model for 32 Languages. Experience unparalleled accuracy and efficiency when transcribing with Discuss. Not only do researchers receive more precise results, but they also gain access to superior-quality Generative AI outputs. Learn more about the supported languages here.

  • Transcribe 1 hour of video in just 30 seconds.
  • Improved trust in your findings with a word error rate of only 8.4% for English.
  • Over 30% higher accuracy in non-English languages than other vendors, ensuring reliability and precision across diverse linguistic contexts.

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Off-Platform Research 

With Off-Platform Research, seamlessly combine research from Discuss and other sources, leveraging the power of GenAI for an all-in-one solution. Effortlessly upload video files from various sources, analyze insights across diverse markets, and create highlight reels and share them with stakeholders. Learn more

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Best Practices

How to Leverage the Tag Manager 

Our tag manager is the ultimate feature designed to help your team capture those pivotal moments effortlessly. Before your session, navigate to the tag insights page and create a customized list tailored to your team's needs. Stay focused on the conversation that matters with our auto-clipping technology. Gone are the days of frantically trying to pinpoint crucial moments. Instead, let our technology do the heavy lifting. Every time your designated tag is mentioned, auto-clip swoops in to "save the moment" effortlessly. With our tag manager by your side, you'll transform how your team captures and leverages insights from key moments. Learn more here.


Coming Soon


Global asynchronous analysis

Self Captures capabilities are expanding to provide improved tools for analysis. From reviewing respondent activities, making edits to desired clips, and pulling various clips together into highlight reels, these new capabilities will help to expedite insights globally.


Genie intelligence is upgrading

Genie's intelligence is upgrading to the most powerful and newest technology available to deliver high-quality results for your recaps, summaries, themes, and quotes. This update provides a foundation to accelerate future innovations.


Blurred backgrounds

Blurred backgrounds will provide a customized interview experience that enables the privacy of any background content. Mitigate worries regarding personal identifying information (PII) in the background by easily concealing it with the click of a button.



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