Add Observers to Interviews

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This brief guide will provide instructions on how to add observers to a session. Once a session has been created for a project, it is ready to send invites to different participants that will be in the session. 

If you opt to add observers to an interview this means they can receive a calendar invite to the session. However, anyone with an observer link can join the session even if they are not added to the interview.


How to Add Observers to a Session

To add an observer, click the "+ Observer" button in the session you would like to add them to.

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To add observers to the interview, type in the email(s) of the observer(s) you would like to invite to the session, separated by a comma. Then click the '+ Add' button to save them to your session. You can always add more observers to your session up until the start of the interview.

An observer can always be removed after being invited to the interview.


Click the 'Save' button to confirm your changes.


Once you click 'Save', a calendar invite will be sent to all observers added to the interview. Each invite will include the project name and interview name in the title and will include a link to enter as an observer in that session and an icon to represent the market the interview is taking place in. The following instructional text will also default in the body of the invite:

For more information on how to customize your Google invite, find it here.


Adding the Same Observer(s) to all Upcoming Interviews

By checking the box, all the same observer(s) will be added to all of the upcoming sessions.


Note: If you had any previous observers assigned to any other upcoming sessions, those previous observers will remain assigned to the session. To delete an observer from a session, you must go to that session and individually delete that observer from the session.


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