Project Coordinators: Key Responsibilities and Tasks

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The role of a Project Coordinator at Discuss is crucial for ensuring the smooth execution of projects. This article details the responsibilities of these coordinators.

What it means to have a Project Coordination for a Discuss Project with Your Own Recruits.

‘DIY’ Projects are not recruited by but have Project Coordination with a dedicated Project Coordinator and/or Tech Support services. The Project Coordinator helps to properly set up your project on the platform, assists with any questions, and ensures smooth execution.

Your Dedicated DIO Project Coordinator Will

  • Help with a proper project setup:
    • Setting allowed devices.
    • Setting other options: audio-only, anonymization.
  • Schedule a platform demo ($500 per training)
  • Schedule sessions with proper settings:
    • Interview market(s).
    • Interview language(s) and translation type Delete and reschedule sessions if necessary.
  • Send auto-emails with tech check links and main session links from DIO to each respondent
  • Customize/ translate:
    • Auto-notifications’ wording if requested.
    • Tech check question if requested.
  • Add project members: moderators, collaborators, recruiters.
  • Share necessary instructions with your recruiters via email.
  • Send calendar invites with session links for observers or share observer links.
  • Update the recruiter to reach out to those respondents that have not completed or have problems with their tech checks.
  • Request and organize the following additional services if required:
    • Request human transcripts.
    • Source moderators and live translators.

*For PII security reasons, DIO requires all information of respondents to be uploaded into our secure application. All PII of respondents will be deleted in 6 months and DIO does not hold or retain any PII information beyond 6 months.

You or Your Recruiting Partner Will:

  • Share necessary information with Project Coordinator:
    • Sessions schedule (project must be awarded 4 days before first session to have Project Coordination).
    • Emails of recruiters, moderators, collaborators.
  • Add respondents to the Respondent Hub (if you are not able to share PII no project coordination will be provided).
  • With the help of the DIO Project Coordinator, track tech checks status on the platform and follow up with respondents if tech checks are not completed or problematic.
  • Recruiter to make all appropriate follow-up calls to respondents to ensure participation as your process dictates.
  • Upload stimuli and test them in the personal meeting room.
  • Customize takeaways questions and interactive discussion guide.
  • If Self-captures are enabled, you or your recruiting partner will be responsible for setting up the surveys on our platform and for sending out the links to the respondents.


  • Project coordinator doesn’t handle any direct communication with respondents. Emails with links are sent from DIO platform. If you can’t share respondents’ emails you will be responsible for sending all links manually.
  • In case of any changes done with less than 24 h notice (adding new session/ new respondents/ rescheduling respondents) project owner is responsible for booking a new session and sharing links.
  • Any session with a no-show or rescheduled/ canceled with less than 24 h notice will be charged a cancelation fee of 100% Support and PC (Cancellation Policy).
  • Project coordinator does not provide support for Self-captures surveys

How to add respondents to the Respondent Hub

1. Add Respondents: Add your respondents using the Add button on the Respondent Hub. The first name is required, but all the other fields are optional. If you choose not to include the emails, we cannot automate the sending of the check links and interview invites. 

2. Schedule Respondents: As you add your respondents to the platform, select their interview date and time and their role as main or backup. 


  • Once respondents are added to the Hub your Project Coordinator will be performing the steps listed in slide 1, you as a recruiter can log into the Hub at any point to check the status of completed tech checks and follow up with incomplete ones.
  • Your Project Coordinator will send a summary recap once a day with completed tests, people to be troubleshooted and people pending to complete the test.
  • Respondents with more severe issues completing the tests can contact for live assistance.

For more information on how to add respondents in the respondent hub please check this article: Adding/Editing Respondent Data in the Respondent Hub

Interpreting tech check results

  • Not Sent
    We have not sent tech check links from the platform, or you have not provided email addresses
    to us.
  • Sent DATE
    We sent the tech check email on the indicated date, but the respondent has not yet attempted
    their tech check. You may want to follow up with them if their interview is coming up.
  • Attempted - Mobile Blocked
    The respondent started the tech check on a mobile device, and mobile is not allowed on this
    project. We have shown the respondent instructions on how to complete their tech check on a
    laptop or desktop computer.
  • Attempted - Unsupported Browser
    The respondent started the tech check on an incompatible browser. We have shown the
    respondent instructions on our supported browsers so they can retry.
  • Attempted - Not Submitted
    The respondent started the tech check but did not complete it. You may want to follow up with
    them if their interview is coming up.
  • Weak Connection
    The respondent completed the tech check successfully but had a lower-than-average
    connection score and may experience issues in the interview, especially if it is a group. Share
    best practices for a good connection with your respondent.
  • Good! 
    The respondent completed the tech check and their a/v and connection look good
  • Respondents who have completed the tech check will have a video icon next to their status,
    which allows you to watch their video response.

PLEASE NOTE: At any moment, if you have difficulties understanding tech check results, please contact your Project Coordinator

For more information on how to Interpret tech check results please check this article: Sending Tech Checks and Accessing Results: A Step-by-Step Guide

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