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Reviewing Responses by Respondent in a Self Captures Activity

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This brief guide will provide instructions on how to review responses by respondents in a Self-captures activity. We will also cover what features are available when reviewing video responses. Once you have launched your activity, you will be able to instantly see responses come in, in real-time!


Reviewing Responses by Respondent in a Self Captures Activity

Navigate to your self-captures response activity from your dashboard by clicking the "Self Captures" tab


Click "View All Responses"

image example of Self Captures responses



Note: If a shared activity has not received any submissions, the activity card will show a 'No Responses'.


Navigation of the Submissions By Respondent

On the top center, you can select the "By Respondent" view.

The left navigation bar of the 'Respondents' tab will help identify the respondents who have started submitting responses to your shared activity.

To review the answers respondent by respondent, click a name in the left navigation to see all their submissions.

Completed activities, defined by activities with a response submitted for each task created, will have a completed checkmark by their name. 

In this example, respondent Jane has completed all of her tasks. 

And also at the top of the respondent's activity response view.

Uncompleted submissions, defined by activities that have one or more tasks incomplete, will show the percentage of activity completion next to their name.

And also at the top of the respondent's activity response view.

All submissions will be logged as they individually are submitted. Submissions will appear in the reviewer's local time.
In some instances, a respondent may need to redo a task. Let's take Respondent Sam as an example. Sam submitted an answer for a particular task, but after the researcher reviewed it, they requested Sam to submit a new answer. Now, Sam needs to resubmit an answer specifically for that task, Sam hasn't done that yet so the arrow next to their name signals that. It's a straightforward process to ensure the best responses are captured. To know more about how to use Task Redos you can review this article: How to Request a Redo For a Self Captures Task

Reviewing Video Responses

To review the video, click the play button.

You also have other options in the video player, like downloading the video to your local device, playing the video in a picture-in-picture view, and adjusting the playback speed, by clicking the three-dot menu.





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