How to Set Your Respondents as a Main or a Backup

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This brief guide will provide information on how to prioritize your recruits by designating them as either 'Main' or 'Backup'.  Inform your support agent ahead of time which respondent will be prioritized. Support will invite and tech check respondents listed as main and hold any backup respondents for 10 minutes after the session starts. If you have any notes that would be helpful for your support agent during the setup please inform them ahead of time, find out more here.


Assign Respondent as a Main or a Backup

Navigate to the respondent hub from the project overview page.


Click "Add/Edit Respondents"


Input your respondent information. In the "Role" column click the arrow on the right. This will allow you to set a respondent's role to "back up" making it easier for your support agent during session setup.


TOP TIP Remember to click done often to be sure you don't lose any information if you time out from the platform.


Once you have set roles as required be sure to click done!

You can lease specific instructions to your tech support agent, by using the notes features available in the respondent hub. Here is an article that details how to do that: Adding Notes for Your Support Agent
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