Uploading Your Stimulus - Moderator Guide

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This brief guide will detail the process flow on how to upload your stimulus to your project. You can upload and organize stimuli for your entire project in one place on your Overview page. In the Stimuli folder, you can upload files directly or you can create additional sub-folders. This is particularly helpful for multi-country studies, where there may be different versions of the same stimuli.

Any file that you upload to the Document Hub will be available in every meeting room for that project. To access your stimuli, click the Share icon in the meeting room and choose the desired stimulus.


To Upload Your Documents:

  1. Access the Document Hub (below the Upcoming Interviews section) on the Overview page

  2. Click on Stimuli to create folders or upload files.


3. Select files or drag/drop files from your computer to the project.

You can also upload a document in the live meeting room, however, it will only be available for that session.

Here's a related video for uploading and sharing stimuli.

Organizing Your Stimuli into Sub Folders

You can create sub-folders in your stimuli section of the project:


Click on the button "New Folder" :


You can now name the folder, and press "create": 


You will see it appear on the list of folders: 


Navigate inside the folder and click on the button "Upload" in order to upload stim inside the folder.

NOTE: As you can see the folder is empty, if the folder is empty it will not appear in the list of stimuli to choose from in the live meeting room. If the folder contains items inside it will appear in the live meeting room.


After uploading the stim you'll see it appear on the list inside the folder:



Here is how it will appear in the live meeting room.


As you can see the button next to the folder indicates view, you need to navigate inside the folder first in order to find the list of stim and share the targeted file.


NOTE: This folder will appear to the moderators in all the sessions of your project. Since you've created the subfolder on the central stimuli section of your project it's generalized and will appear in all of your sessions. 

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