Manage Self Captures Submissions : Best practices for Researchers and Recruiters

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Find out how project owners, moderators, collaborators, editors, and recruiters can easily check out respondent Async Research responses.

Once respondents start sending in their answers, you can see them coming in live, along with any comments they've added.



It's essential to understand that:

    • Respondents don't receive a copy of their responses
    • Once respondents click on 'done,' their answers will show up as grayed out, signaling that they can't be edited or reviewed anymore.

The access levels of project members vary based on their roles:

    • Editors, Collaborators & Project owners have full access to view & download responses
    • Viewers can't download respondent responses
    • Recruiters & Omnirecruiters can only view & download responses of their own recruit


Access Self Captures Responses

There are various ways to quickly access Self Captures responses. 

To view Self Capture responses

    • Go to the Overview tab and find the Self Captures section.
    • Navigate to the Self Captures tab and click on "View all responses."
    • Head to the Respondent Hub and check out the Self Captures column.
    • Open the add/edit respondent grid in the Respondent Hub and view the Self Captures column.


In all situations,  check the status of Self Captures activities and see a progress bar for each respondent and activity.



  • On the left side, you will have a list of all the tasks in this activity and the number of responses received
  • Sentiment Analysis & transcript will automatically be generated for your text responses & video with detected audio
  • Tags can manually be added for all submissions
  • Upload Info will allow you to view respondent information & upload information
  • Non-English Text & Video transcript will have translation available
  • Task redo can be requested
  • Self Captures include Explicit Content Filtering


Reviewing  Responses by Task

This will allow you to view all the different respondent's responses to a specific task.

  1. Log in to your Discuss account & select your Research
  2. Access your Self Captures responses
  3. On the top bar, you can select the "By Task" view.


Reviewing  Responses by Respondent

This will allow you to view all responses by respondents and easily invite them to Live interviews if needed.

  1. Log in to your Discuss account & select your Research
  2. Access your Self Captures responses
  3. On the top bar, you can select the "By Respondent" view.




Downloading Self Captures submissions

Each Self Captures qualitative survey that gets any submission will be able to download all of those submissions. Only the role that chooses to download the responses at that time will receive the download. Project members can download survey responses multiple times and at any time in the life of the project.

If the 'Limit PII' setting is enabled, Project Owner, Editors, and Collaborators roles will only be able to download the PII they own (any respondent information they input). Learn more here


  • Log in to your Discuss account & select your Research
  • Navigate to the Self Captures tab and click on the 3 dots menu located on the top right of the Activity card
  • Click 'Zip & Download Responses'

  • A message will appear explaining that a zip folder of all the files will be sent to the requester. After reviewing, click 'Generate Files
  • An email will appear in the requester's inbox with an option to download all the files

The zip folder will include a folder broken out by task and include

  • Video submissions: the video submissions will be downloaded in the original video format the respondent uploaded them in.

  • Photo submissions :
    • photo (.png & .jpeg) - up to 5 by the same respondent
    • optional comments (text document) - up to 5 by the same respondent
  • Text submissions :
    • Text (text document)
  • Document submissions :
    • document (.pdf, .pptx)
    • optional comments (text document)


Tagging Self Captures responses

Reviewing responses can be incredibly time-consuming as it often requires hours of sifting through content to identify recurring themes. To make this process easier and alleviate the associated challenges, tagging becomes an indispensable solution. By categorizing responses with relevant tags, it not only facilitates easier retrieval but also enhances the efficiency of reporting by grouping similar responses together.

Use Cases

  1. Tag verbatims that align with company objectives for the year - “sustainability,” “personalization,” etc
  2. Tag brand mentions, competitors, and alternatives discussed
  3. Tag research objectives for the specific project - “damaged hair,” “convenience,” “usability”
  4. Tag stimuli - “creative a,” “concept 2”


  1. Access your Self Captures submissions
  2. Head to the tag section located on the right side of respondent responses
  3. Choose a tag from the drop-down list or enter a tag manually



Editing Sentiment Analysis 

  1. Access your Self Captures submissions
  2. Once on your desired submission select the 'Sentiment' dropdown
  3. Choose your new 'Sentiment' option




Editing Transcripts for Self Captures

  1. Access your Self Captures submissions
  2. Click "View All Responses"
  3. Click on the purple edit button to edit parts of your machine transcript.
  4. Make the required changes and hit save.




Favoriting Respondents

The favoriting feature serves as a convenient way to mark noteworthy elements for future reference concerning a specific respondent. Whether it's the importance of their responses, the identification of recurring themes, or any content worth revisiting, favoriting proves invaluable in tracking the respondent's journey throughout the project.

Moreover, favoriting extends beyond personal use and can significantly enhance communication with team members, recruiters, stakeholders, and clients. By starring a respondent, you effectively flag their contributions as worthy of attention by others with access to the project, facilitating efficient collaboration and information sharing.

  1. Access your Self Captures submissions
  2. Click the 'View All Responses' button on the survey
  3. Click the 'By Respondent' view in the top navigation.
  4. Click the star button next to the respondent's name.



Alternatively, you can click on the add/edit respondent button, located in the respondent hub tab

  1.  Find the respondent you wish to favorite
  2. Click the star button in the star column to favorite that respondent.



The star will appear anywhere where the respondent's information lives in the project.

  • The star will appear in the 'By Task' view of a Self Captures survey.
  • The star will appear in the 'By Respondent' view of a Self Captures survey in the left navigation and in their responses view.
  • The star will appear in the 'Add/Edit Respondents' dialog.
  • And in any 'Notify & Invite' email correspondence within the platform.

Adding Self-Captures to a Highlight Reel

You can click here to Learn how to add Self Captures to your Highlight Reel

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