Review Self Captures Submissions

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Review Self Captures Submissions

Once respondents start submitting responses, the ability to view incoming submissions in real-time becomes available, along with any submitted comments they may add.

These submissions can be reviewed before a respondent is assigned to an interview, anytime before the interview begins, in the meeting room for all moderators and observers in the interview, and after the interviews have been completed.

Additionally, if a respondent has been assigned to a session and has submitted homework for that project, that homework can be used as stimuli for that interview to which the respondent has been assigned. To learn more about using homework as stimuli in an interview, click here.

Respondent Response Visibility

Before delving further into the process, it's essential to understand how respondent response visibility works:

  • Respondents don't receive a copy of their responses.
  • If the Self-Captures layout is configured as 'single tasks,' respondents won't be able to review their previous answers. However, if the layout is set to 'all tasks,' they can revisit their self captures link and review their answers unless they have submitted all of their tasks by clicking on 'done.'
  • If respondents click on 'done,' their answers will appear as grayed out, indicating that they can no longer be edited or reviewed.

Review Submissions for Respondents Not Assigned to Sessions

Interested in reviewing a respondent's progress with the pre-work assigned to them, but not ready to schedule them for an interview without seeing that content first? No problem!

  • Head to the 'Respondents' tab in the project, and head to the 'Respondent Hub' tab.
  • Click the 'Add/Edit Respondents' button.

If a respondent has submitted the pre-session homework assigned to them (even if only partially complete), it will be accessible in the play button under the pre-work column in this dialogue.



To view detailed responses from respondents, simply click 'Open.' This will redirect you to a page where you can examine their entries in detail.

Review Submissions for Respondents Assigned to Sessions

  • Navigate to the Respondent Hub.
  • Identify the respondent whose homework status you wish to check.
  • Click on the Self Captures icon. This action will display all the homework they've completed. 

Status updates include 'Not Sent', 'Completed', and 'Done!'. All submissions will be available for review as respondents submit, even if the pre-session homework is not fully completed.

You can view submissions in the 'Add/Edit Respondents' dialogue both before and after participants are assigned to the interview, as well as in the 'Completed Interview' tab.


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