Categorizing Tags

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This brief guide will provide instructions on how to categorize tags and why this will improve your experience whilst using tags.

Adding a category to your tag helps us, help you! By associating your tag with a category you assist in building out an automation library that will allow us to build out the content for you so you are spending less time doing that work yourself, and more time engaging with your participants.


How to Categorize Tags

To pin the most used tags within your project, head to the 'Insights' tab and then click 'Tag Insights'.


Click the 'Tag Manager' button in the top left-hand corner.


You can also get here by clicking your tag link in the 'Interview Materials' section from your project overview page.


This will take you to the 'Manage Tag' modal.


Click the 'Add Category' dropdown button next to the tag you wish to categorize and choose from a category listed. If your tag doesn't fit within the provided categories or you do not want to categorize it, you can add the 'none' option.





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